Forks from Villeroy&Boch – the perfect cutlery for any delicacy

Whether it’s the starter, main course or dessert: eat every meal with stylish forks from Villeroy&Boch and use beautiful serving forks to serve the food to your guests. Read more...

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Material: Stainless steel

Elegant cutlery forks from Villeroy&Boch

Versatility for greater indulgence

Although people have always used special tools for eating, forks in the form we know today only made their way onto the dining tables of the European aristocracy in the 17th Century. To distinguish themselves from the lower classes, which ate with spoons, knives and their hands, the aristocracy placed the table forks right next to the porcelain plate, at the same height as the rest of the cutlery. Today, a classic cutlery arrangement would be unimaginable without the beautifully-formed forks from Villeroy&Boch. Be it cake forks with a wide tine for eating delicious gateaux or a classic table fork for the main course, almost every dish demands its own cutlery.

Meeting every style with timeless design

The many décors of the Villeroy&Boch forks conjure an individual touch onto every table. With their beautiful look, the elegant fish forks in the various collections in particular make a stylish statement when the main course of bream on a bed of vegetables is served. Be it classic, elegant forks with partially gold-plated handles or purist cutlery with attractive decorative reliefs, the tasteful forks from Villeroy&Boch always impress with their splendour. However, these beautiful helpers are not just for use as dining cutlery: chefs and hosts benefit from the useful serving and meat forks that help them to plate up the roast joint, and they are also a great help when setting out beautiful platters of cold meats and cheeses for a special occasion.

Quality right down to the substance

The premium quality of the cutlery from Villeroy&Boch is demonstrated not only by its perfect design – the weight of the forks is distributed evenly between the handle, shaft and tines, creating a nimble-footed balance that promises eating comfort. In addition, all forks are produced from top-class stainless steel that not only meets all aesthetic purposes, but also has many useful properties. For example, it is robust, rust-free and resistant to the acids in foods. Because all table cutlery is designed for everyday use, we made sure to make it dishwasher safe during its resource-saving production – that goes both for the partially gold-plated forks in the Ella collection and for the cutlery in the Play! series, whose colourful plastic handles bring a touch of brightness to any table.

For specific indulgence

Because special dishes demand special cutlery, the Villeroy&Boch range also includes the strikingly beautiful snail and oyster forks in the La Coupole series. Fans of special delicacies and magnificent gourmet dishes will want to add these two-tined and three-tined forks to their cutlery collections – the perfect way to indulge in French Bignoreaux or tasty oysters. The best way to equip your kitchen fully but without special forks is a cutlery set from Villeroy&Boch. For two people, the set should contain 24 pieces – six knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons. Six cake forks can be ordered separately to complete the set. The cutlery sets are also always popular as a classic wedding gift. When two households come together, the beautiful cutlery from Villeroy&Boch creates both order and elegance.


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