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Elegant placemats and table runners from Villeroy&Boch

The delicate solution

In the past, beautiful tablecloths decorated with embroidery or lace were an absolute must on a properly-laid table, but modern etiquette now also permits attractive place mats. Experiment with new colours and shapes until you find your recipe for the perfectly-laid table. Thanks to the varied decorations, many of which you will recognise from the Villeroy&Boch porcelain collections, you can create a completely new look in seconds. The high-quality textiles are designed to combine easily with your plates, cups and bowls. Even once the food has been cleared away, the place mats leave the table looking cosy and inviting.

An accessory with benefits

Place mats do more than just protect the table from stains caused by cutlery and glasses. The soft material between the plate and the table also prevents any scratches resulting from tableware being pushed across the tabletop. The same goes for serving dishes, sauce boats and bowls, which stand safe and stable on a place mat from Villeroy&Boch. But the key benefit of the place mats is how easy they make everyday life. They prove their worth time and again when you serve a meal with a high risk of spillage or younger guests are at the table. All the materials can be easily washed by hand or at a low temperature in the washing machine.

The right material for the occasion

The place mats from Villeroy&Boch are a stylish alternative to a traditional tablecloth, and the wide range of materials on offer makes them just as versatile. Easy-care mats made from 100% polyester are especially practical for everyday use – they are wipe-clean and, after a quick dry, can be left on the table as decoration or quickly and easily cleared away into the cupboard. The high-quality place mats made from dyed or printed cotton also look homely, and can of course also be used for special occasions and celebratory dinners. Their woven texture, intense colours and varied décors show off the radiant white of your dinner plates to its very best.

When the days get shorter

Place mats are the perfect addition to your table decoration at Christmas in particular. Without ever losing their function, they embellish the table with wintry motifs such as ice-skating children, Father Christmas with his sack of presents or elegant silver snowflakes. The celebratory tone of the table is set even before the first plate arrives. As well as the place mats, various collections from Villeroy&Boch also include table runners and napkins in the same design, to create an even more harmonious look for your table. Those who have an eye for detail can also match the colours of the rest of the decorations, such as candles or a table flower arrangement, or use an additional place mat as a base for a vase.


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