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Tableware Sets

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Tableware sets from Villeroy & Boch – Always right

Home-made tortellini deserve hand-made plates

Even the simplest of dishes from Jamie's cookbook look delicious and authentic on a basic or dinner set from Villeroy & Boch. Sometimes, however, the design of the tableware comes down not only to our aesthetic philosophy, but to functionality – an essential to remember for some dishes. While real Italians eat their spaghetti with only a fork, for example, we lay the table with a spoon and fork. Spaghetti and fettuccine are served in deep pasta dishes to make the pasta strips easier to eat. A modern pasta set with shallow porcelain plates can turn a portion of lasagne or cannelloni into a visual masterpiece.

A tableware set that makes you hungry for more

Enjoy a real afternoon tea at home with a stylish four-part tea service from Villeroy & Boch. The famous British black tea blends develop their aromas especially well in a delicately painted teacup, providing a friendly atmosphere to share with friends in any kitchen or conservatory. Needless to say, you could also enjoy the typical treats, like scones and sandwiches, with a home-made coffee speciality from a coffee service that is just as beautiful. Those who like to brew a coffee to go with their breakfast can choose a dinner plate set. The varied ranges with their different designs offer you a constant stream of new options for combining tableware sets and tailoring your table exactly to your personal taste.

From old tradition to modern porcelain

The various manufacturing methods developed at our factory over the years have given every type of porcelain a very individual flair based on tradition – in line with the various tableware ranges. The exclusive bone china tableware, for example, appears delicate and almost fragile. But looks can be deceiving, because the lead-free glaze makes this fine porcelain extremely tough. The fine china promises immaculate white for your table every day, even if you put the entire service in the dishwasher every day. Our innovative vitro porcelain has unmistakeable warm radiance. A table service from this thick-fired porcelain is especially robust and impact resistant, with tough rims – essential in any family kitchen. All Villeroy & Boch products are manufactured individually and painted by hand.

The perfect surprise for every occasion

Many tableware sets are ideal gifts for special occasions. A young bride and groom will be delighted to receive a starter set to get their new home started, and can easily add to it over time to build up a comprehensive set. But a tableware set does not have to be a complete service. A close friend who makes his coffee with all the passion of an Italian barista will love to serve his black gold in a stylish espresso set from Villeroy & Boch. You can even surprise friends and family with a small tea service. The long availability of the various tableware ranges means that it is almost always possible to replace or buy more of individual pieces.

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