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Cups and mugs from Villeroy & Boch – All-day companions

The basics for mugs

If plates are the heart of a tableware set, cups and mugs are its lungs. It is easy enough to eat your toast straight from your hand when you can't find a plate in the morning, but with coffee it is somewhat more difficult. Alongside cups for coffee and tea – needless to say available in sets with saucers – mugs are an essential part of any household. Only the handle is up for debate, as some designs look better without. The basic set for any kitchen also includes espresso cups . An espresso or demitasse cup is ideal for concentrated coffee specialities in small portions and is not to be confused with the large mocha cup, which leaves space for milk, froth and chocolate syrup. Whether you prefer to wake up to a Turkish coffee or a mocha, Villeroy & Boch has the right cup for you.

Sometimes quantity is everything

To help you with your purchase, Villeroy & Boch has calculated how many cups and mugs are needed in various family settings. Twelve coffee cups (with saucers) and twelve glass mugs will be enough for a couple with two children, as long as they also have six large mugs. A couple needs just eight glass mugs and six coffee cups, but still needs the six large mugs. Only a single person can reduce the number, needing just four mugs in stock. Four coffee cups are also enough for a single person, along with at least six glass mugs.

Porcelain and glass united in tradition.

For us, tableware is more than just cups and plates. Although our company's origins lie in porcelain, we also have a long-standing tradition in the art of glassware. Hand-blown goblets, glasses and glass mugs have been regularly leaving our glassworks since 1843. Their individual decorations with engraving, sand-blasting or polishing allow them to be combined perfectly with the décor of our porcelain collections, their shine providing the perfect finishing touch to a service. No matter whether it is made from leaded crystal or gleaming premium porcelain, every drinking vessel passes through the hands of our experts and is thoroughly checked for any defects. Craftsmanship, quality and prize-winning designs. That is Villeroy & Boch.

It's not chaos, it's eclectic.

The plates on a table should all be the same, but cups and mugs can forgive a mix of designs. Why? Firstly because they rarely all appear on the table at the same time. Secondly, because it is important that the cup matches the drink being served, and not necessarily its neighbour. Have the confidence to use different espresso sets, too – as long as each cup matches the saucer it is on, you can say it is a varied ensemble. If you serve tea for one with a separate cup and pot , most tea drinkers will even feel honoured to be able to drink from their very “own” set. Not convinced and prefer a matching collection? You can order the right cups and mugs at any time from Villeroy & Boch.

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