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Elegant tea sets from Villeroy&Boch – for some time out from a busy life

Every tea lover will find their perfect tea set in Villeroy&Boch’s tasteful selection of elegant tea tableware. Experience unique moments of highest tea enjoyment. Read more...

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Celebrate your very own afternoon tea party with a stylish tea set from Villeroy&Boch

Warm enjoyment on cold days

Particularly during the cooler months of the year, there is nothing nicer than enjoying a freshly brewed cup of tea in your cosy living room. Just the right hot beverage, with their different infusion times, can be perfectly prepared to suit each individual taste. The invigorating effect of caffeine is predominantly released during the first three minutes after being poured, whereas tea leaves require a longer infusion time to release their tannings for that fresh, herby note. Served in a beautifully designed tea set from by Villeroy&Boch, enjoying your favourite tea becomes a really special, cosy and relaxing moment.

Tradition for thousands of years

Tea has been a pleasant source of relaxation for over 2,200 years and, after water, is the most widely consumed beverage of all. Originally from Asia, the hot infusion drink spread throughout Europe in the 17th century at a phenomenal rate, where it soon became a tea culture in its own right. Today, afternoon tea, particularly in Great Britain and East Friesland, is quite naturally the thing to do, and is extensively enjoyed. Just as important as an exquisite tea blend is a stylish tea set which enhances the special nature of the aromatic hot beverage and ensures an exclusive ambience. For this purpose, Villeroy&Boch offers elegant tea tableware with graceful patterns that make the perfect centrepiece on every tea table.

Finest premium porcelain

Villeroy&Boch's tastefully designed tea sets stand out not only for their expressive design, but also for the very particular beauty and robustness of the materials used. With the development of premium porcelain, Villeroy&Boch succeeded in uniting functional characteristics with an aesthetically sophisticated appearance. Produced from selected high-quality raw materials, the tea sets never cease to amaze with their uniquely brilliant shine, outstanding durability and resistance, and are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Relaxing moments for giving

In this fast-paced world, taking a tea break is an oasis of calm and deserves to be enjoyed. If you would like to surprise a loved one, very close to you, with something really special, a tea set is an excellent gift idea with symbolic meaning. By giving one of the elegant tea tableware sets from Villeroy&Boch, you are also giving a gift which has lasting value and enriches any home with its elegant appearance. Discover the lovingly crafted details on the cups and saucers which come in multi-piece sets. Delicate applications and wonderful patterns turn the attractive porcelain products into exclusive style elements. Complemented with a matching heater to keep the tea warm, they make the perfect birthday, Christmas or wedding gift.

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