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Candle holders from Villeroy&Boch – individual creativity with candles

Only the right accessories can provide a cosy feeling in our homes. In addition to pictures and vases, candle holders from Villeroy&Boch create that certain something. Read more...

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Material: Crystal glass
Material: Crystal glass
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain

Stylish candle holders for beautiful lighting effects

Candle holders for a shimmering sea of light

Where, before the electric light was discovered, candles were mainly used for lighting purposes, today, they play a more decorative role. People have always been fascinated by fire, and dancing flames still have a certain appeal today. The classic candle has its origins in the Near East. where, over 5,000 years ago, lights made of hemp, straw or papyrus dipped in tallow, were burned. Although at the time, full attention was given to the candle itself, today candle holders are the main focus as interior accessories. Effectively placed on the sideboard or dining table, the attractive candle holders from Villeroy&Boch cast a spell on all those that gaze upon them.

Fire and flames for exclusive candle holders

The lighting of candles has a long tradition in many religions. In Christianity, the candlestick for white candles forms part of every liturgical celebration. The dancing flames create a contemplative and enigmatic atmosphere which we also love to reproduce in the home. The sparkling candlesticks made of high-quality glass from Villeroy&Boch's Retro Accessories series break up the light that they impressively reflect, creating a very special atmosphere. If you want the candle holder to be the main focus of attention, candelabras with up to five arms are extremely impressive.

Charisma right down into the substance

High-quality raw materials crafted into top-class glassware form the basis of Villeroy&Boch's charming candle holders. Since 1843, authentic craftsmanship has been relied upon and this is reflected in the quality of the candle holders. Pure design merged with structured clarity meets a firm structure on the crystal glass candlesticks which appear very delicate and yet are extremely robust. The fine candle holders are designed to add a special touch to everyday life, and will bathe your home in a shining glow of light every evening at dinner time.

Candle holders – lovely even without a candle

Even if they are the only decorations on the table, the elegance of Villeroy&Boch candle holders makes them a very tasteful eye-catching feature. Arrange the different candle holders into a decorative scene on your sideboard. In combination with beautiful table cloths and table runners from Villeroy&Boch, the lights become tasteful accessories which effortlessly complete any table setting. Depending on the season, the candle holder range also includes variants with Christmas and Easter patterns that conjure up the right ambiance to match the holiday season in the living room. Inspire your friends and family with the enchanting candle holders, and give them a charming light holder as a wedding, birthday or dedication gift.


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