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Milk jugs from Villeroy&Boch – the small star of afternoon coffee

Turn a boring coffee into a classic white coffee or delicious cappuccino with milk and cream served from a Villeroy&Boch milk jug. Read more...

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Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Bone Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Porcelain

Elegant milk jugs from Villeroy&Boch

A jug full of creativity

People enjoy almost any type of coffee – and even some teas – with a drop of milk or cream, so a matching milk jug is just as important a part of the coffee table as coffee cups and a sugar bowl. If you want to serve your guests a creative cappuccino or café latte, most of the porcelain jugs from Villeroy&Boch can also easily be used as jugs for frothed milk. It takes just seconds to heat and froth the milk, giving you a snow-white backdrop for original latte art. Start easy with hearts and fern leaves on the first few cups, and soon every cream jug will be home to a new masterpiece.

The right design on every table

As vital components of any coffee table, the little milk jugs are available in the designs of almost all Villeroy&Boch porcelain ranges, so you can lay your coffee table perfectly for any occasion. Use the rounded milk jugs with coloured décors and fine reliefs for a cosy coffee break in country style, or decorate the table for English afternoon tea with exclusive premium bone porcelain decorated with precious metal applications. The colourful floral patterns of various collections are of course ideal for special days in spring, while the milk jugs from our special collections are better for Christmas and New Year. Their wintery motifs create a festive atmosphere right away.

The material with a particular effect

Shining premium porcelain is even whiter than the milk inside the jug, so it always looks fresh and clean. For more formal occasions, however, the warm glow of the softly shimmering premium bone porcelain sets the right tone. Both porcelain varieties are characterised by high impact resistance and tough rims. A lead-free glaze protects the surfaces, edges and décors of the milk jugs. After use, porcelain can be cleaned easily and hygienically in the dishwasher. Only the jugs decorated with gold or platinum need to be washed up carefully by hand with a gentle detergent.

Even milk needs moderation

When choosing the size of your new jug, it is easy to miscalculate. Unlike for spirits, the definition of a “drop” has never really been fixed, so it varies from 5 to just under 25 ml. While a small cream jug for 0.15 l is plenty for a quick coffee break for two, for a family breakfast you will need a large milk jug or even one that holds half a litre. Villeroy&Boch offers milk jugs from its various collections in numerous sizes, so that you always have the right quantity to hand.


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