Enjoy our new products in 2018

Old Luxembourg Brindille

Tradition meets the modern world. Old Luxembourg Brindille is a modern twist on the Old Luxembourg classic. The blue and white porcelain is just as trendy today as it was in the past. The new glasses with large motifs on a clear shape are a perfect match.

Rose Sauvage

A classic with a new twist. Rose Sauvage has inherited the legacy of the Wildrose collection. The typical stylish floral relief in white or in soft pink and bold green shades now adorns the fresh white porcelain.

Montauk &
Montauk Beachside

Coastal flair in your home. Montauk & Montauk Beachside look natural and sophisticated with their subtle rope structure and ocean motifs. Whether a cosy meal for two or a relaxed evening with friends: the porcelain, cutlery and glasses are perfect for any occasion.

Caffè Club
Floral Touch & Uni

The Floral Touch decor with a flattering relief and the plain-coloured Uni decor featuring a stylish metallic look add a new and exciting touch to the cups and plates.

Mariefleur Tea

Floral charm for tea with loved ones. Mariefleur is one of our classics. The new pieces in the collection featuring a harmonious floral pattern in bold colours will also turn your stylish table set for tea into a colourful sea of flowers.


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Clever Baking

Practical helpers for confectioners. The Clever Baking collection is just the thing for passionate bakers thanks to the wide range of baking dishes, serving plates and practical accessories. Clever Baking will make sweet dreams come true – whether they involve tarts, muffins or biscuits.

BBQ Passion

Porcelain for passionate BBQ fans. The BBQ Passion plates and accessories have become indispensable at garden parties. As you would expect, the new products such as the spare ribs set and the grill pan are functional and timeless – specially designed for barbecues with friends and family.


Original shapes for a new food culture. The Modern Dining collection, with its modern take on vintage patterns, is inspired by old tile patterns. The young porcelain range is in line with the kitchen trend “bowls are the new plates”.

To Go

Porcelain for on the go. To Go is the urban collection for anyone who wants to eat healthy away from home yet still avoid plastic.


Tea Passion

The tea set for connoisseurs. Tea lovers looking for an exclusive tea experience will get their money’s worth with Tea Passion. The pot, cups and practical accessories are specially designed to let high-quality teas develop their complex aroma.

NewWave Caffè
Animals of the World

Add new pieces to your NewWave Caffè Animals collection with the colourful birds from arid areas and scrublands. The four new NewWave Caffè collector's mugs with colourful motifs from the animal kingdom will take you on a world trip with every cup of coffee.


A colourful touch for your home. The vases, now also available in trendy beige and lilac and including the new Drop vase range, boast intense colours and a modern design. Showcase flower arrangements or use the vases as an elegant design object in your home.

Mini vases

Surprise a loved one. The mini vases, now also available in trendy beige and lilac and as a new shape called Drop, make a perfect gift for any occasion thanks to their wide range of shapes and colours.

Coloured DeLight

Bring a beautiful atmosphere and cosiness into your home. The Coloured DeLight tea light holders, lanterns and vases, now also available in trendy beige and lilac, create warm, bright light reflections and lovingly showcase bouquets of flowers.

Artesano Original Glass

Perfect for any interior style. The glasses for the Artesano porcelain range have a harmonious and flattering shape. One eye-catching feature is the splash of colour on the base of the glass that gives it a light and casual look.

Crockery for children

The adventure begins now. The new Chewy's Treasure Hunt collection takes kids on a treasure hunt with Chewy, Lily and their friends. And a cat and dog have now also joined the animal family in the Animal Friends collection.