BBQ Passion meets Steffen Henssler

For that pure barbecue taste

For everyone with a burning passion for barbecuing:

For those who love starting the fire, smoking meat or grilling vegetables. Steffen Henssler doesn't just get all fired up about experimenting with delicious dishes for the barbecue. He also enjoys trying out different ideas on the grill and smoker. The main thing is achieving that special barbecue aroma. And to make sure that none of the flavour is lost, there's nothing better than our BBQ Passion collection. The intelligent design helps to ensure that the meat remains true to itself, and that fish and vegetables stay nice and crispy. That's what BBQs should always be about. Your BBQ. Your passion.

Steak plate L

Steffen Henssler's Tip:

"Place sausages in the cream for ½ hours, turning them from time to time. This is not absolutely necessary but will give them a lovely crust."

Fish plate

Steffen Henssler's Tipp:

"Barbecuing doesn't always have to be about meat. Vegetarians will also be in their element with barbecued Feta cheese and vegetables skewers."

Vegetable plate

“Awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2015 and the 2016 “Kitchen Innovation of the Year”.”


Born on 27.09.1972 in Germany's Black Forest region, Steffen Henssler runs the “Henssler Henssler” restaurant in Hamburg with his father as well as the restaurant entitled “ONO by Steffen Henssler”. In 2015, he also opened “Hensslers Küche” cookery school in the port of Hamburg and the “Henssler at home” delivery service. The star chef can also be seen regularly on the stage and also features on various TV shows. He appeared on the shows “Die Küchenschlacht”, “Topfgeldjäger” and “Der Restauranttester”, for example. He has had his own show “Grill den Henssler” since 2013. The chef has been working with Villeroy and Boch on various projects such as Cooking Elements or BBQ since 2013. For the chef and food connoisseur it's important that food is served correctly as there's not just the right lid for every pot, but also the perfect plate for every dish.