Your style: Open-Plan Kitchen and Living Area

Open-plan kitchens have always been at the centre of everyday life in any family. In former times, people used to gather in the cosy warmth of the kitchen to cook, eat, chat and work at the kitchen table. Important family decisions were frequently made around the kitchen table. And even today, an open-plan kitchen is still the meeting point in every home. It gives the room a cosy feeling, looks good and the spaciousness makes it perfect for enthusiastic chefs. A kitchen island enhances the cooking experience and provides more space for more quality of life.

The kitchen as a living area

People say that the best parties always take place in the kitchen. A kitchen island encourages conversation, provides space for several people and is perfect for relaxing and socialising when equipped with bar stools. Whether a kitchen in a flat-share, a family kitchen or for parties in single households: an open-plan kitchen creates shared memories.

The concept also has everyday advantages: an open-plan kitchen allows parents, while cooking, to keep an eye on their children. The flowing transitions also create a larger living area that allows more communication and interactions in family life. The kitchen becomes a meeting place - with lots of space, individuality and character.

Cooking together

A country-style kitchen island will enhance your life if you or your family enjoy cooking together. As the island can be accessed from all sides, the area is perfect for cutting, mixing and garnishing food. When several people cook together, cooking takes less time and becomes more of an experience.

Villeroy & Boch Steel Shower kitchen tap
Villeroy & Boch Subway Style kitchen sink
Shared joy

If you enjoy cooking for others, an open-plan kitchen with an island will allow you to continue talking to guests at the dining table while you prepare the next course. If you add a few bar stools, you can even enjoy a casual meal around the island. The kitchen sinks from the Villeroy & Boch Subway Style or Siluet collections can be flush-mounted directly in the worktop to create an open and clear look in the kitchen. The Subway and Cisterna collections also include undercounter sinks that can be integrated harmoniously in modern kitchens.

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