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Loop & Friends – Two forms, endless possibilities
The 22 different bath models in the collection  have a square or oval inner form, making them perfectly  suited to any bathroom. Choose between free-standing baths, built-in baths and solutions for special  space requirements.

A variety of forms

The Loop & Friends Collection opens up unlimited possibilities when designing your bathroom.
High quality acrylic, soft lines, symmetrical basic forms and a timeless design – Loop&Friends has  everything you expect of a modern bath. Thanks to the low interior height of just 440 mm, the  baths are particularly economical with water. And with a central outlet, two people can bathe together in absolute comfort.
The Square & Oval dual design concept includes baths with angular and oval interiors, helping to personalise bathroom design.
This intelligent design that offers a vast variety of forms and soft lines is a winner of the Red Dot Award.


FormLengthWidthBath DepthDim. of BaseHeightContents
Rectangular Duo1600 mm700 mm440 mm1150 x 460 mm545 mm 100 L/110 L
1700 mm700 mm440 mm1200 x 460 mm545 mm 115 L/120 L
1700 mm750 mm440 mm1200 x 460 mm545 mm 120 L/130 L
1800 mm800 mm440 mm1200 x 480 mm545 mm 135 L/150 L
1900 mm900 mm440 mm1200 x 560 mm545 mm 165 L/180 L
Hexagonal1900 mm900 mm440 mm1050 x 560 mm545 mm 135 L /145 L
2050 mm900 mm440 mm1200 x 560 mm545 mm 150 L/180 L
Offset right/left1750 mm1350 mm440 mm1200 x 780 mm545 mm205 L/215 L
Free-standing1800 mm800 mm440 mm1200 x 480 mm630 mm135L/150 L
Corner1400 mm1400 mm440 mm1150 x 480 mm545 mm145L/ 160 L


  • Corner
  • Freestanding
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangular
  • Special shape
  • Acrylic
  • Loop & Friends
  • 440 mm
  • 1400 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 1700 mm
  • 1750 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 1900 mm
  • 2050 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 1350 mm
  • 1400 mm
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