Find your perfect hot tub
From a small whirlpool tub for two people to a large family hot tub – choose the model that meets your needs and wishes for perfect relaxation.

An outdoor hot tub for 3, 5, 6 or 8 people? 

Villeroy & Boch’s product lines – Comfort Line, Premium Line and Design Line – offer a wide range of possibilities for you to choose an outdoor whirlpool geared towards your needs and the desired amount of users. You could go for a version with extremely comfortable corner or reclining seats. Up to 6 people can relax perfectly at the same time, depending on the whirlpool model. The award-winning Just Silence spa in the Design Line provides a first-class spa experience for up to 5 people in the stunning outdoor hot tub. The luxurious spa tubs in the Premium Line promise great comfort and pleasure for up to 8 people in the outdoor hot tub. Use Villeroy & Boch’s whirlpool configurator and discover a host of different seat combinations and exclusive extra features.


Patented JetPak technology for individual massage experiences

The functionality of Villeroy & Boch outdoor hot tubs is based on unique JetPak technology. JetPaks are removable and replaceable jet units that create new sitting and massage constellations. Each whirlpool in the Comfort, Premium and Design Lines allows you to mix your preferred jet combinations with your favourite seat. A total of 16 different JetPaks are available that can create different massage and therapeutic effects, depending on the chosen intensity. Take the combination “AcuTherapy”, it releases tension deep in the muscles while gently relaxing the shoulder area. The “Reliever” constellation gives your body and mind maximum relaxation. Discover the wealth of possibilities provided by the innovative Villeroy & Boch JetPaks and try out new combinations for a range of massage experiences.

Stylish external panelling

The Villeroy & Boch outdoor spas boast unique and individual design options in different styles. The high-quality inner shells, covers and robust external panelling are available in a wide range of colours. Made from sturdy plastic, the elegant casing of your very own alfresco spa area can be in a warm Hazelnut or subtle Stone Grey. Or how about a Light Grey with an understated look? Combined with a Titanium Silver inner shell and the black JetPaks, it creates an overall graceful impression, in line with contemporary design architecture. Thanks to the precise craftsmanship and the UV-resistant surface, the external panelling of the outdoor whirlpools will look impressive and elegant for many years to come. 

Bespoke comfort – unique product lines 

The three Villeroy & Boch product collections – Comfort Line, Design Line and Premium Line – provide high-quality outdoor hot tubs with tailored solutions for all tastes and preferences. They all have the patented JetPak technology, a sustainable and maintenance-free supporting structure, a two-stage pumping system and an energy-efficient full-foam insulation in common. An atmospheric LED interior lighting is standard in every Villeroy & Boch outdoor whirlpool. 

Comfort Line

The spa tubs in the Comfort Line also have comfortable neck cushions, an intuitive control system and a water feature that splashes gently to create magical spa moments. The high-quality whirlpools in this product line come with comfortable seats for 2-6 people, depending on the size of the spa. 

Premium Line

The outdoor whirlpools in the Premium Line are especially luxurious. Equipped with exclusive exterior lighting, an impressive cascading waterfall, a high-resolution colour display and many more great features, the spas in this category are the perfect choice for sophisticated tastes and provide pure relaxation for up to 8 people. 

Design Line

The outdoor hot tubs in the exclusive Design Line provide maximum comfort with an understated, minimalist design and a host of features. These stylish spas can also be fitted with the highest amount of reclining seats possible – just the thing to get away from everything that is superfluous and for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

Innovative filter systems for maximum hygiene

All Villeroy & Boch outdoor hot tubs come with an intelligent high-tech water management system that provides the highest comfort and best hygiene. Every spa has a standard dual-filter system with the innovative Microban® technology, which eliminates microorganisms and in turn disinfects the filter medium. The programmable filter cycles allow you to adapt the system perfectly to your very own requirements. Powerful circulation pumps – virtually vibration-free and very quiet – filter the water up to 250 times a day. Rinsing all areas thoroughly. A standard built-in ozonator also caters for excellent water quality, therefore significantly reducing the necessity to use water treatment chemicals. 

Whirlpool stereo systems for maximum listening pleasure

A romantic spa evening for two, a fun pool party with friends or simply relaxing on your own after a hard day. Music makes everything more pleasant. This explains why exclusive sound systems are available as optional extras for hot tubs in all Villeroy & Boch product lines. They cater for a relaxed atmosphere at get-togethers with friends and discreetly underline relaxing evenings with classical music. Simply play your favourite music thanks to the sound system’s user-friendly Bluetooth connection. 
The innovative music systems are available in two different categories for spas in the Comfort Line and Premium Line. The “Life” audio system is operated from outside the hot tub whereas the “Elite” version has a floating remote control and other extras such as a USB connection and a radio. The Just Silence and Just Silence Compact outdoor hot tubs in the Design Line can be equipped with a high-quality stereo system that doesn’t have any visible elements on the external panelling – in line with the minimalist look of the product line.