Sustainable living

10 tips on how you can protect the environment

How can we live sustainably? How can we ensure that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have a future on planet Earth that is worth living? There is obviously more than one right answer to these questions. As everyone can do something every day to protect and preserve our ecosystem on Earth, and in turn our human habitat. It depends on sustainable action in our daily lives, today and in the future – on calling into question our own consumption and reducing it. This involves avoiding unnecessary packaging, consciously choosing specific resources and materials, consuming less meat and greener behaviour.

We have put together 10 tips for you on “sustainable living”, which can help you make a small contribution to environmental protection.

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What you can do to protect the environment

We read and hear terrible news reports practically every day on the effects of climate change: Bush and forest fires burning out of control. Species that are dying every minute because their habitat is endangered. Natural disasters that can destroy entire existences in just a few seconds. All that is happening right now – and not just far away from us, but also in Europe and in the UK. We don’t get to feel every single effect of climate change, pollution and predatory exploitation of nature directly. But it still affects us, even if it’s indirect most of the time.

Consequently, many people want to know: what can we do to protect the environment? The answer is often easier than expected: there are many little things that together can have a great impact. This is why environmental protection and sustainable living really does concern everybody.

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Sustainable living:
Clever Cooking baking dish
Clever Cooking baking dish
Clever Cooking baking dish