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Semi-recessed wasbasins from Villeroy & Boch

Designed to impress.

When planning your customised dream bathroom, you want fittings that stand out from the crowd and stylishly reflect your taste. Add a unique touch to the ambience of your bathroom with a stylish semi-recessed washbasin from Villeroy & Boch. The compact appearance of this strikingly different washbasin fits perfectly even into the smallest of rooms.

Array of aesthetics

Villeroy & Boch has a wide selection of elegant semi-recessed washbasins in its collections – such as Architectura, Avento, Memento or O.novo – whose specific styles are a feast for the eyes. The repertoire consists of stylish creations that cater for all tastes, ranging from round shapes and oval designs through to angular models.

Different shades open up additional creative scope for your bathroom design. How about a high-quality semi-recessed washbasin in extravagant Glossy Black? You can also add a stylish touch by combining pure white ceramics with a natural stone countertop full of character.

A consistent line of beauty

Semi-recessed washbasins from Villeroy & Boch are strictly linear, representing modern living to perfection. Complete the overall picture by adding matching tap fittings, which continue the minimalist design of your new washbasin, and enjoy the gentle serenity and clarity this combination radiates.

This perfect harmony has a calming effect, especially when you are constantly subject to different kinds of stimuli, and restores your inner balance after a hard day. It turns your daily bathroom ritual into a unique feel-good experience for body and mind. Decorate your bathroom with matching accessories, which also take on functional tasks while adding to the overall impression of the room.

Maximum comfort in a small bathroom

Semi-recessed washbasins are the perfect answer where space is limited. Placed on top of a minimalist countertop, the overlapping ceramic attracts attention without taking up too much room. So you can enjoy the benefits of a fully-fledged washbasin and use the available space in your bathroom in the best possible way.

Other stylish solutions for rooms with limited space include space-saving baths that you can also use as a handy bath/shower combination and practical compact toilets. Villeroy & Boch has a wide range of design options for any challenging layout. Allow yourself to be inspired and create your very own feel-good oasis using high-quality products.