SlimSeat toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

Comfort, function and quality

A toilet seat with exceptional comfort: the SlimSeat from Villeroy & Boch. This toilet seat not only boasts a pared-down design with delicate lines, but is also comfortable to sit on and full of technical sophistication. Clever functions, quick and easy installation and perfect hygiene come together in a SlimSeat toilet seat to create an outstanding solution for modern bathrooms.

Villeroy & Boch toilet seats are made from high-quality Duroplast and equipped with concealed stainless steel hinges. The smooth and dirt-resistant material is durable and easy to clean. Another advantage is the light weight of the Duroplast plastic. The toilet seats in the colours White or Pergamon will make your bathroom perfect. The shape and size of the toilet bowl is decisive for a correct fit. Villeroy & Boch stocks square/rectangular and oval toilet seats for the corresponding toilets. You can deduce the right size of your new toilet seat by measuring the width of the bowl and the distance of the front toilet rim to the mounting holes. If the measurements are roughly the same, then the toilet seat has the perfect fit. You also need to consider the distance between the hinges to fit the SlimSeat. If you purchase a Villeroy & Boch toilet seat from the same range as your previous toilet seat, then there is no need to check the fit.

The QuickRelease technology in a Villeroy & Boch toilet seat easily provides you with perfect hygiene in the bathroom. You simply remove the toilet seat from the bowl in a jiffy and then reattach it after cleaning. You can then easily clean the toilet rim and areas that are otherwise difficult to get to. Only use mild or neutral soap solutions to clean toilet seats made from plastic material such as Duroplast and never use chlorinated, abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents. Aggressive toilet cleaners should never come into contact with the material. Leave the lid and toilet seat up until the cleaning agent has been completely flushed away. Should toilet cleaner find its way onto the toilet seat, rinse with clear water immediately. Dry the lid, toilet seat and hinges with a soft cloth after cleaning to avoid surface rust.

The SlimSeat toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch is equipped with a host of sophisticated features. Quick and easy installation in your bathroom provides the greatest efficiency, especially when combined with the innovative SupraFiX 2.0 attachment system for wall-mounted toilets. The construction comes with pre-mounted dampers. Villeroy & Boch toilet seats are installed securely. We focus on comfort for sophisticated requirements. The seat ring makes sitting very pleasant. Noise-absorbing buffers and SoftClosing, the soft closing mechanism, ensure that the toilet lid closes softly and silently. This protects the material and no family members can accidentally get their fingers caught.

Never use force to close a toilet lid with SoftClosing. This will damage the high-quality soft-closing mechanism. The toilet seats are break-proof up to 240 kg, exceeding the norm of 175 kg. Furthermore, the Villeroy & Boch SlimSeat toilet seat has a 10-year guarantee according to the warranty terms. The ultra-flat SlimSeat toilet seats are available with the trend-setting wrap-over and sandwich design. The delicate toilet seat blends in beautifully with your bathroom design. The technical mechanisms are concealed so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a shiny, pristine look.