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Why does my residual current circuit breaker keep tripping?

The neutral conductor from the whirlpool tub to the fuse box must be connected to the switch itself and not to the busbar because it is not a special 240V whirlpool tub. If the neutral conductor is connected to the busbar, the switch triggers immediately when the system is switched on. Refer to the circuit diagram.

Installation of the whirlpool tub must be carried out in accordance with national and local electrical installation regulations. The electrical installation should always be done by an authorised expert. Every Villeroy & Boch whirlpool tub is manufactured and tested according to certain standards that ensure the highest possible protection against electric shock. A faulty electrical connection can impair the operational safety of the whirlpool tub, which could lead to electric shock, injury or death. Furthermore, a faulty electrical connection can lead to maloperation of the whirlpool equipment and a risk of fire.