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What is the procedure for changing the water in the whirlpool tub?

As time goes by, not only substances used for treating the whirlpool tub water collect in the water, but also residues from detergents in swimsuits and from bathing and shower additives on the skin and thus make water treatment increasingly difficult. Rinsing the swimsuit and showering without using soap before using the whirlpool tub help keep the whirlpool tub clean, clear and pleasant for a longer period. The whirlpool tub water must be changed every 1 to 4 months, depending on its use or when it becomes difficult to set the quantities of chemicals. All JetPaks™ must be removed from the whirlpool tub before changing the water. Clean the JetPod™ areas with surface cleaner suitable for whirlpool tubs. Refer to the "Whirlpool tub care" section. Clean the backs of the JetPaks™ with the lines and connections using a surface cleaner suitable for whirlpool tubs and a long, soft bristle brush.

IMPORTANT: Drain the water from the whirlpool tub at a point where such a big volume of water isn't a problem. If you are going to drain the water outside, make sure that the quantities of disinfectants in the water (chlorine or bromine) do not exceed 0.5 PPM.

WARNING: Make sure the drained water does not get into the basement through a window or lightwell.

Drain your whirlpool tub as follows:

Step 1: Disconnect the power supply to the whirlpool tub.

Step 2: The drain valve is located below the equipment compartment door, behind which the technical devices are installed.

Step 3: Pull the drain valve out by turning it slightly clockwise.

Note: The drain valve is fully extended at approx. 5cm. Use pliers, if necessary.

Step 4: Remove the cover from the drain valve.

Note: No water can escape when the drain valve is fully extended.

Step 5: Connect a standard garden hose. Push the drain valve half way in so that the water can drain out.

Note: Approximately 19 litres per minute drain out of the whirlpool tub. Make sure you drain the water at a safe distance from lightwells or basement doors.

Step 6: When all the whirlpool water has drained out, pull the drain valve right out, remove the garden hose, refit the valve cover and then push the drain valve right in again.

Refill your whirlpool tub with water as follows:

WARNING: Always shock the fresh water when refilling the whirlpool tub. Observe the instructions under "Chemical water treatment".

Step 1: In order to avoid air bubbles in the pump(s), route the hose through the skimmer flap and into the filter unit when filling the whirlpool tub. Fill it up to the water level mark on the cover plate of the filter unit.

Step 2: Reconnect the whirlpool tub to the power supply.

Step 3: Press any button to reset the control system.

Step 4: Fasten the equipment compartment door again.

Step 5: Then follow the instructions under "Refilling the whirlpool tub".

IMPORTANT: The whirlpool tub may only be filled with soft water if a suitable mineral additive is immediately added. If your water is extremely hard, then the water should be diluted by mixing it with water that has been treated with a water softener or by adding a special water softener. Your authorised Villeroy & Boch specialist dealer will gladly provide further information.

NOTE: A higher water level means less people can use the whirlpool tub.