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The following points must be observed when installing the whirlpool tub outside:

1) Avoid an installation location where the whirlpool tub comes into contact with an excessive amount of water, such as, e.g. sprinkler systems or roof edges without a gutter.

2) Avoid (if possible) areas where there is direct, prolonged solar radiation. Ultra-violet radiation can fade or damage the whirlpool tub cover and panelling.

3) Check whether national or local legal regulations are applicable that stipulate fencing or childproof access points around the whirlpool tub.

4) In order to prevent dust, sand and foliage from being carried into the whirlpool tub, use concrete, concrete slabs or stones for the access paths and areas, or do not install the whirlpool tub in areas where dirt can be carried into the tub. Check whether wind or rain could carry dirt from nearby trees and gutters into the whirlpool tub.

When you choose the location, bear in mind that the view from the whirlpool tub and its visibility change with the seasons. You can then select the installation location so that your bathing experience is even more enjoyable and unrestricted.

NOTE: Typical floor materials for outside installation are concrete, bricks, slip-resistant tiles, timber planking, gravel or sand.