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Light bulb and LED replacement.

To replace a defective light bulb or LED, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the current at the fuse box.

Step 2: Remove the equipment compartment door, behind which the technical devices are installed.

Step 3: Locate the back of the light fixture.

To replace conventional light bulbs:

Step 4: Grasp the light bulb holder (located on the back of the light fixture) and twist counter-clockwise to release the light bulb from the fixture.

Step 5: Remove the light bulb by pulling it straight out of the light bulb holder.

Step 6: Replace the light bulb and reinstall the light bulb holder.

To replace LEDs:

Step 4: Insert a small standard screwdriver into the tabbed slot (see arrow).

Step 5: Carefully pry off the back light fixture cover.

Step 6: Remove the LED assembly by pulling it straight out. Replace the LED. Reinstall the back cover of the light fixture.

For both lighting systems:

Step 7: Remove the equipment compartment door.

Step 8: Restore the electrical power supply.

NOTE: For information on alternative lighting systems, please contact your authorised Villeroy & Boch specialist dealer.