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Design aspects.

Flooring options: The flooring you choose should not only meet the recommended safety and maintenance criteria, but its appearance and colour can also contribute towards improving the area in which the whirlpool tub is installed. You can, for example, match the colour and appearance of the flooring with that of the whirlpool tub, make a sharp contrast or develop other colour and structure concepts. You should take your time to contemplate the available options. Paying for a landscape architect could be a good investment.

Landscape: The landscape around your whirlpool tub not only creates a pleasant transition to the floor area around the tub, but also enriches the environment. If your budget is big enough, you can also consult a landscape architect for expert advice.

Whirlpool tub accessories: Apart from selecting suitable flooring and designing the surrounding landscape, you can round off your wellness area nicely by adding suitable whirlpool tub accessories. A step, benches, towel holders, flower boxes or an outside fireplace are just a few examples that you can contemplate when you equip your whirlpool tub.