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Connecting the power supply to the whirlpool tub.

IMPORTANT: Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with national and local electrical installation regulations.

Step 1: Select one of the three available inlets for the cable duct. (yellow sticker)

Step 2: Determine the diameter of the cable duct and then drill a suitably dimensioned hole for it (if it is a ¾ inch cable duct, drill a 1-1/8 inch hole, if it is a 1 inch cable duct, drill a 1-3/8 inch hole). The + indicates where the centre of the hole should be. The hole saw must be able to saw through two plastic layers, between which there a 1 inch gap.

Step 3: Press the cable duct through the hole until it reaches the equipment compartment.

Step 4: Remove the cover from the control system box.

Step 5: Connect the cable duct to the control system box by means of a liquid-tight plug connection.

Step 6: Guide the required cables through the cable duct to the control system box.

Step 7: Connect the power supply cables to the terminal block in the control system box.

Step 8: Refit the cover on the control system box and the equipment compartment door. The electrical connection has now been completed.