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Cleaning the filter.

We recommend cleaning the filter cartridge(s) every 1 to 2 weeks or as required. Replace the filter cartridge(s) every 1-2 years or when necessary. To maintain warranty protection, use only genuine Villeroy & Boch filter cartridge replacements. To clean the filter cartridge(s), proceed as follows:

Step 1: Switch the whirlpool tub to standby mode.

Step 2: Remove the filter cover (FilterCap™).

Step 3: Remove the cartridge(s).

Step 4: Clean the cartridge(s) by means of a garden hose with steel nozzle or another high-pressure facility. Clean each fold from top to bottom.

To remove deposits from suntan lotions or body oils, soak the cartridge(s) in warm water with an AquaFinesse filter cleaner.

To remove limescale deposits, soak the cartridge(s) in a plastic container using a 1:10 ratio of muriatic acid to water solution.

Limescale deposits indicate a high pH value in the whirlpool tub, which should be corrected.

Step 5: Reinstall the cartridge(s) and filter cover.

Step 6: Press any button to reset the control system.

IMPORTANT: Using a brush to clean a filter cartridge could cause damage to the cartridge.