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O.novo Accessories
O.novo Accessories
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O.novo Accessories
O.novo Accessories




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  • The design of the cistern is coordinated with the toilet
  • DualFlush - the 2-volume flush function protects the environment
  • CeramicPlus for quick and hygienic cleaning
  • Sanitary ceramic is especially long-lasting and easy to clean
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Product description

Subway 2.0 from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Subway 2.0

Product type

Cistern - high-quality and stylish

The cisterns from Villeroy & Boch are precisely coordinated with our floor-standing toilets. They are easy to install and suitable for different connection situations. The pre-wall element is eliminated so the cistern is easy to reach for repairs. Villeroy & Boch offers all models with a water-saving dual volume flush.

  • The attached cistern makes installation especially simple
  • With water-saving dual volume flush
  • AquaReduct saves water thanks to the two selectable flush volumes
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DualFlush - Environmentally friendly dual flush system from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

DualFlush - Your environmentally friendly dual-volume flush

The DualFlush water-saving button allows you to choose between a large and a small flushing volume. Pressing the big button lets you actuate the standard flush volume of 6 or 4.5 litres. Pressing the small button uses just 3 litres. This means you save water and your wallet.

  • You don't waste any water and get the optimum water volume that you need
  • Environmentally-friendly and sustainable thanks to selectable flush volume
  • Pressing the big button lets you actuate the standard flush volume of 6 or 4.5 litres when you need it
  • Pressing the small button uses just 3 litres
CeramicPlus from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

CeramicPlus - Less cleaning - more time to enjoy life

CeramicPlus - the anti-dirt surface for sanitary ceramics - simplifies bathroom cleaning. This innovative process causes water to immediately form droplets on contact, which then merge into beads and simply drain away, carrying dirt and limescale particles with them.

  • CeramicPlus ensures optimum hygiene and cleanliness
  • Proven to cut cleaning time in the bathroom by 90%
  • Environmentally friendly since it only uses 10% of the cleaning solution normally required
  • Resistant to normal household cleaners and cosmetic products
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Sanitary ceramics from Villeroy & Boch


Sanitary ceramics - The perfect material for your bathroom

Sanitary ceramic is the perfect material for washbasins, toilets and bidets. Sanitary ceramics from Villeroy & Boch are fired at 1200 °C and meet the highest requirements for durability and hygiene. Additional glazes such as CeramicPlus and AntiBac simplify bathroom cleaning with antibacterial protection and dirt-repellent surfaces. Sanitary ceramic is resistant to knocks and impacts.

  • Durable and hygienic thanks to the thick multi-layer glaze
  • Extremely resistant to scratches, knocks and impacts
  • Thoroughly easy cleaning thanks to antibacterial and dirt-repellent surfaces
  • Sustainably manufactured using completely natural materials

Technical information

Collection O.novo
Model 5758R1
Weight 12,66 kg
Product designation Cistern

Sanitary ceramics. fastening set included. EN 997. flushing mechanism with DualFlush water-saving button. Flushing mechanism finishes: chrome

Material Sanitary ceramics