4 steps to your perfect dream bathroom

Steps to your dream bathroom

Are you thinking of re-arranging, renovating or refurbishing your bathroom? You will find the most important steps for achieving your new dream bathroom as well as a number of tips on how you can make your wishes become reality here. First of all, take your time and think about how you want your bathroom to look and what it has to have. As bathrooms are renovated every 20 years on average, an appropriate and forward-looking plan is extremely important. After all, you'll want to feel at home in your bathroom in many years to come.

Step 1: Inspire

Where you can find the best ideas for your dream bathroom.

You should first collect ideas before you start to renovate your bathroom.
Which bathroom design suits you best? What kind of comfort and convenience should your new bathroom provide? Get ideas from a variety of sources and discover lots of new bathroom ideas:

  • Versatile design ideas on our website
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Portals and blogs on interior design and furnishings
  • Photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram
  • Bathroom showrooms

Step 2: Prepare

What makes a bathroom your dream bathroom?
OUR TIP: Write a check list.

Many factors determine whether a bathroom is in fact your dream bathroom after it has been renovated. Personal preferences are important as is the layout of the bathroom. But you also need to consider your future living situation when planning your bathroom. Once you have clarified all of these points, you can then start making your wishes become reality. Write down what you are missing in your current bathroom and what bothers you.

  • Think about what is important for you in the new bathroom now, e.g. a larger bath, a lot of storage space, dimmable light, etc.
  • Think about what could become important in the next 20 years, e.g. whether children will be living with you or whether the bathroom will be easy to use when you are older.
  • Forward-looking planning pays off.

> Here you will find a practical check list which you can fill in and print out

Step 3: Plan

The best way to start planning your bathroom.
OUR TIP: Create the floor plan online!

Every new bathroom design starts with a plan First of all, create a floor plan of your bathroom and include the most important measurements. Your bathroom layout will then always be at hand, making it easier for you to assess the sizes of products  and how much space they will require.

The Bathroom Planner from Villeroy & Boch provides a very practical solution for this. You can simply create your floor plan online and insert each element you need, such as a washbasin, furniture or bath.

The Bathroom Planner – for those who like to do the planning themselves

Get creative and design your bathroom step by step to suit your personal taste and style. Arrange and combine your products in the floor plan of your bathroom. Once you have your pdf documents, you can send your draft to a local dealer – who will be happy to discuss any other details.

Go to the online Bathroom Planner

Step 4: Realise

Why it's worth visiting a specialist retailer.
OUR TIP: Take your floor plan and check list with you.

Comprehensive advice when planning a bathroom is crucial. Use the personal meeting with a professional to clear up any questions, find the best solutions for your bathroom and, therefore, to help you make the right decision. Your dealer will advise you within your planned budget:

  • Design options and products
  • Current bathroom trends
  • Optimal use of space
  • Hygiene and sustainability solutions
  • Lighting atmosphere and solutions
  • Service

The bathroom specialists will also take care of the actual planning and renovation of your bathroom and subsequently all maintenance tasks. Rely on the experts when planning your bathroom.

OUR TIP: Visit several bathroom showrooms.

Visit the showrooms and take a look at the various styles, forms, colours and storage solutions. Discover the various collections and options to combine specific elements. This will give you a good idea of what your bathroom could look like and what particularly appeals to you.

Who can put your plans into action?
OUR TIP: Let our experts do it!

Once you have decided which collections and products you want, go to your local dealer. The experts there will take care of the planning as well as arranging all of the steps necessary for a bathroom renovation:

  • Measuring your bathroom precisely and determining the required outlets
  • Creating binding planning documents
  • Calculating costs
  • Ordering and providing the chosen products
  • Professional renovation and installation

The time needed for the renovation always depends on the scope of the project. But you should expect 3-4 weeks on average.

Let the professionals do all the work!

They have not only taken the required courses and training, but also have the necessary experience to professionally install the elements in the bathroom. Please note: warranties and guarantees usually only apply when the installation work was done by a professional.

We wish you every success in planning your bathroom and many enjoyable hours in your new dream bathroom.