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Loop & Friends

Two forms, endless possibilities

Loop & Friends CER

A variety of forms for a diverse range of needs

The Loop & Friends Collection opens up unlimited possibilities when designing your bathroom. The wash basins in the collection are available in round, angular, oval or square forms and offer a suitable solution for every bathroom. They are available in surface-mounted, wall-mounted and under-counter variations and provide stylish design accents thanks to decorative colours such as Timber or Pergamon. Both the ceramics and the ceramic waste cover meet the highest material and aesthetic standards. The Legato furniture range complements the collection perfectly.

To washbasins

Two forms for functional aesthetics

The 22 different baths in the collection have either an angular or oval inner form and fit perfectly in every bathroom. Whether installed to save space or as generous corner solutions, the baths from the Loop & Friends collection support all of the methods employed to ensure an intelligent use of space. The carefully honed ergonomics of the angular or oval surfaces ensure user comfort and efficient water consumption, thanks to the convenient edge widths and low depths. The option of combining them with whirlpools and convenient accessories transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis.

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Soft lines brought to the point

This intelligent design that offers a vast variety of forms and soft lines is a winner of the Red Dot Award. The Square & Oval dual design concept includes baths with angular and oval interiors, helping to personalise bathroom design. The corner-mounted and free-standing models and duo baths provide ergonomic comfort for relaxation and invigoration. 

Loop & Friends Reddot Design Award 2012

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