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Oval baths from Villeroy & Boch

Aesthetic harmony.

An oval shape signalises comfort and harmony. The symmetrically round shape of oval baths from Villeroy & Boch has a calming effect and is the perfect counterpart to all the stimuli you encounter every day. After a hard day, enjoy a hot, soothing bath and feel how it relaxes your body and mind and restores your inner balance. 

Simply perfect

Oval baths from Villeroy & Boch combine urban modernity with the original bathing culture of bygone times in a unique way. Both stylish and contemporary, sensual creations emerge, which add a unique charm to your very own spa oasis. Dip into the inspiring range of aesthetic oval baths, which are to be found in various collections and present a selection of completely different styles.

The stylish free-standing bath is striking as a style element on elegant curved feet and adds to the luxurious ambience. This version also looks very elegant when the bath is finished in tasteful tiles or matching panels.

The perfect invitation for a bath

An oval bath from Villeroy & Boch is extremely comfortable and creates an inviting environment. The premium workmanship makes taking a bath the ultimate experience, in both a visual and tactile way. You can choose between oval baths made from high-quality acrylic or from innovative Quaryl®, depending on the collection.

Both materials feature smooth surfaces, are extremely easy to clean and adapt quickly to the temperature of the water. Products made from Quaryl® are very robust and the perfect solution for sophisticated tastes.

Enjoy unique feel-good moments

Enjoy pure luxury in your own home with an exclusive whirlpool system that can be integrated into a number of oval baths from Villeroy & Boch. The soft massage of the water soothes your muscles and has a positive effect on your entire organism. You get to enjoy a full-scale spa programme and recharge your batteries for new challenges whenever you want. Add to the feel-good atmosphere by integrating flush-mounted bath lighting to create an extraordinary ambience that will have a very positive effect on your mood, especially on cold winter days.