Villeroy & Boch baths

Relax in style

Baths galore: the perfect model for your bathroom

Every bathroom is different, but not every bath is suitable for every layout. Personal needs also have an important role to play when choosing the best model for your bathroom. This is why Villeroy & Boch offers a wide range of different designs. It could be a timelessly beautiful pièce de résistance with a classic rectangular shape, a space-saving corner bath or a stylish hexagonal model – you will find the bath that turns your bathroom dreams into a reality.

Rectangular baths

Baths with a rectangular shape are popular classics and are the most frequently encountered version with good reason. Available in several different sizes, these versatile all-rounders look good in both large and small bathrooms. Their individual character makes a hexagonal bath the perfect freestanding style element in a spacious spa bathroom and will upstage all the other components. These exclusive eye-catchers are available in select collections such as Loop & Friends and Squaro.

Hexagonal baths

The impressive design of hexagonal baths is extremely eye-catching. The shape resembles a small boat, which explains why they are the right choice for any bathroom. Their individual character makes a hexagonal bath the perfect freestanding style element in a spacious spa bathroom and will upstage all the other components. These exclusive eye-catchers are available in select collections such as Loop & Friends and Squaro.

Oval baths

Oval shapes symbolise harmony and comfort. Baths with an oval shape add a sensual atmosphere to the bathroom and radiate a distinctive aesthetic. The gently rounded baths come in different sizes to accommodate the available space. The central drain in most models also allows two people to bathe in comfort. How about a model from the My Nature, Nexus or Cetus collections?

Special baths

Challenging layouts require customised solutions. This is where Villeroy & Boch's special baths, which can also have asymmetric shapes, come into play. The extravagant ceramic products have not only proven to be very practical, but also boast an impressive design. The specially shaped baths are only available in the Loop & Friends collection.

Free-standing baths

A free-standing bath from Villeroy & Boch radiates pure beauty and looks like a finely cut gem right in the heart of your very own spa sanctuary. Whether your bath is in an exposed location on a small base or on artistically curved feet – either way, you create a focal point where you can enjoy many blissful moments of relaxation. Most collections have baths designed to be freestanding.

Corner baths

A practical corner bath makes perfect use of the room in an intelligent way. The contrasting combination of an edgy exterior with an oval interior is stunning. Taking into account the available space, these elegant baths have different side lengths so that they can blend in perfectly with your bathroom. How about a spacious model from the Squaro collection?

From a spring green to winter blue: coloured baths

Colours evoke emotions and have a strong impact on our mood. So why buy a sleek white bath when the world outside your home beckons with a myriad of colours simply waiting to be used as a source of inspiration for cheerful and colourful designer pieces? Designer Gesa Hansen shared these thoughts, which inspired her to create a colour concept just for Villeroy & Boch based on the four seasons. It has led to attractive baths in spring green, vibrant summery yellow, autumnal red and winter blue. Each shade comes in a range of different hues. The smooth transitions between the brilliant white of the interior that continues as a soft line across the rim to the next shade has a very artistic effect.

Coloured baths

Innovative materials and perfectly crafted finishes

Impressively durable, high-quality materials are tradition at Villeroy & Boch. The company has been making beautiful acrylic baths with extraordinary designs and build quality since 1969. The developers have set new standards with the innovative Quaryl® material and catapulted design possibilities for baths to a whole new level.

Acrylic: reliable and versatile

Sanitary acrylic is most commonly used nowadays to produce modern baths – hardly surprising, as this versatile material has numerous advantages. Its flexible build quality allows for a variety of different shapes and designs. The skin-friendly surface has a pleasantly warm texture and non-slip properties. The non-porous material has proven to be colour-fast and provides a long-lasting shine.

Quaryl®: fascination with two components

Baths made from the finest Quaryl® have been available exclusively at Villeroy & Boch for over 20 years. This innovative material is made from a unique blend of natural quartz and high-quality acrylic resin. And combines the best properties of both components. Only Quaryl® makes unbelievable designs with precise lines yet reliable stability and scratch resistance possible. The pleasant surface finish has an insulating effect and caresses the skin.

Wellness for all the senses: whirlpool systems from Villeroy & Boch

Whirlpool systems are available for a number of baths in various collections such as Loop & Friends, Aveo, Oberon and O.novo. So you can draw on unlimited resources when it comes to design while enjoying the luxury of your own hot tub in your bathroom.


Villeroy & Boch baths have a sophisticated appeal while providing a luxurious time-out from the everyday

Boasting a diverse selection of high-quality baths with different shapes and designs, Villeroy & Boch’s products are designed to match your needs and bathroom specifics. Innovative materials enable first-class workmanship and promise long-lasting beauty. Moreover, by adding a whirlpool system to your bath, you transform it into your very own spa where you can enjoy relaxing moments day after day.