Single-lever bath mixer for wall mounting, with shower set

Water means freshness and purity. And for that reason the design of the tap fittings can be reduced to the essentials, as in the harmonious and flowing design of SOURCE.
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Available in the following colours:
polished chrome

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33 233 940
33 233 940-00polished chrome
 Intrinsic protection against back flow.
 Combination with stand pipes possible on request.
 Max. hand shower flow 9 l/min
 concealed 1/2" x 3/4" S connectors (noise reduced)
 gauge 150 mm
 1250 mm shower hose with turning cone at both ends
 hand shower with three settings with anti-scale system
 wall bracket
 cartridge with ceramic discs
 automatic bath/shower diverter
 1/2" shower outlet
 back flow preventer in shower outlet
 M 24 x 1 aerator – male thread
 fixed spout
 225 mm projection
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