Our senses are receptive to pleasures such as a delicious meal. When it’s cold, wet and dreary outside, you can even make a soak in the bath feel like a feast. Sleet and snow not only seep into your coat and winter woollies, but the miserable winter weather also gains an icy hold of your mood. In the cold months of the year in particular, both body and spirit are hungry for a little attention and relaxation.

Take off your wet clothes and let the stress and the cold fall away as you take a deep breath.  Just a few simple touches will take you out of this cold winter day and transport you to your own personal wellness temple. The bathtub becomes the centre for your well-being. Hot water and an aromatic essential oil, either invigorating or relaxing, provide the basis for a revitalising bath.


And add a few of your own personal ingredients for a highly individual recipe: For example, the aromatic herbs that give a Mediterranean feast its unique aroma and your bath a luxurious atmosphere are the stuff of which dreams are made. Did you know that thyme and sage are good for the respiratory passages and that rosemary can boost low blood pressure, a frequent complaint in winter? Lavender stimulates the circulation and nurtures the skin; its aroma is reminiscent of a summer breeze in Provence. Delicate blossoms or luxurious foam floating on the surface of the water add a romantic touch. Or would you prefer an extra shot of excitement with a few ice cubes in the steaming water? Listen to what your body is telling you.


Immersed in comforting hot water, the world around you and the cold outside, all your worries and cares simply evaporate. Sheer recuperation – space and time are forgotten. Think about what your senses need: warm candlelight and moving music enhance the overall sensation of pleasure. A cup of tea with its mild taste and aroma can be the ideal complement to your bathing experience. Or savour the intense flavour as a piece of dark, bitter chocolate melts on your tongue because chocolate not only lifts your mood but, in modest amounts, is also good for your heart and circulation.

When the world slowly rises again on the horizon and you get out of the bath, slip into a bathrobe and slippers. Curl up in your favourite chair with a blanket and another cup of hot tea. Savour your relaxation and recuperation as if it were a dessert.